When the market is crazy, travel South!

Interacting with many real estate brokers throughout the Greater Seattle-Bellevue area, I have heard so many horror stories from buyers searching for the perfect home:  30 to 40 offers for an average quality property in town, the sales price being escalated up to hundreds of thousands of dollars… buyers, exhausted from extensive home hunts, don’t know where to turn. Interest rates are still historically quite low and everyone looking to find his/her first home or upgrade to a view or waterfront property, is trying to take advantage of still affordable prices.

Front House
Recently, I have noticed a new trend among  urban buyers moving South, away from Seattle city limits. West Seattle being highly congested, they are pushing their original boundaries to the Burien, Normandy Park and Federal Way areas as they are realizing that they can purchase large homes, stunning views and even beach properties at discounted prices with less competition.

Living Room 2

When I search and compare local markets within the city, I am just amazed by how much farther, a below million dollar budget will go if one is willing to live 20 to 40 minutes away from the metropolitan areas. I discovered this well-kept secret that is the greater Burien area about 12 years ago while searching for a non-congested-affordable little corner of paradise. With the Thomas Guide on the lap, I remember getting lost in the city of Normandy Park, loving its name, its large lots, mature trees, spectacular water and mountain views and its friendly feel (dog walkers, pedestrians… were actually smiling or even waiving at me). I knew right then that this was home! I have since then sold homes in the Three Tree Point/Normandy Park communities and tried to make buyers aware of the treasure area that can be the South End.Cove View


Here is a taste of what you can buy in the lovely Three Tree Point  & Normandy Park communities. Check out these videos.

– Three Tree Point Modern  & Normandy Park Home


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