Whether you are selling your waterfront home, a family estate or an investment property, our goal is to help you understand and service your needs.
  • Initial consultation

    During our first meeting, we will want to understand your goals and special requirements while selling your home. We will then tour your property and take detailed notes along with some quick pictures. These will help us towards our next key step which will be to define the fair market value for your property.

  • Assessing the resale value of your property

    Each home is unique. Knowing the markets, understanding today’s consumer needs locally & globally are key elements to determining the value of a property, and showing that value with the goal of driving buyers to your home. We regularly spend time previewing unique and waterfront properties in various areas to understand the potential competition. To determine the fair market value of your home, we will compare and analyze a wide range of data including public and private sales, tax assessments, square footage, finish work, special details, waterfront or view qualities, topography, and market conditions.

  • Preparing your property for sale

    Today’s buyers are more demanding than ever before and preparing your home for the market represents an essential step which will ensure a smoothest sale and the highest sales price for your property. Our team includes a whole crew of trustworthy professionals including interior designers, stagers, color consultants, handymen, painters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, cleaners, and gardeners to make your home shine. While going through your home, we will draft a “punch list” with an order of importance that will help you define where you should concentrate your efforts for a maximum return. We have helped countless absentee owners who asked us to take charge of the entire process. Living out of state or abroad, they needed our expertise and hands-on service to prepare and manage the sale throughout the entire process. This service is available to all my clients.

  • Marketing plan adapted for your home

    Depending on your goals, the targeted buyers, the market and the style of your property, we will prepare an adapted marketing plan best tailored to your property and lifestyle. This plan may include beautiful crisp photography including aerial views, video montage, aggressive internet presence, custom brochures, special events inviting buyers and specialized brokers in your niche, advertising in various publications (luxury, waterfront, foreign newspapers and magazines), and international presence through Leading Real Estate of the World <Link to this description on bio> and Luxury Portfolio <Link to this description on bio>.

  • Managing the sale

 Regular updates

Once your property will “hit” the market, we will provide you with regular updates on the local market activity, the number of showings at your property and the feedback from the buyers and the brokers who will have seen your home. These will allow us to periodically reassess our marketing approach, the physical presentation of the property and our pricing.

 My team will make sure your home is fresh for all showings (especially if you live in a different city or country or you are merely traveling and away). Depending on your personal preference and lifestyle, private showings may be a better choice. If such is the case, I (or one of my assistants) will commit to arrive early “to set the stage” for the buyer or brokers to view your home at its best.


As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE*), we have studied the varying aspects of negotiations in relation to buyer’s styles, personality types and cultural differences. As we review the offers with you, we will point out the strengths and weaknesses of each and recommend options for your response. we will also underline potential hidden pitfalls that might not be obvious at first sight which will help save time and energy in the course of the transaction.

 Inspections and appraisals

One of my team members will meet the inspector, the buyers and their agent. We will make them feel at home with some refreshments, setting the tone for a positive experience.

Unique or waterfront homes may present a challenge for appraisers who do not specialize in a specific area nor a particular niche of home. Helping them understand the true value of a property, its neighborhood, and its characteristics is key. For that, we will prepare a complete file for them to use that will make their work easier and will help getting your property appraise at the sales value.

Closing process

Towards the closing date, our team will work closely with the lender, title company and escrow officer to ensure a smooth transition for you until the sale is recorded.